Invisible teeth straightening with Invisalign

Invisalign in Copenhagen

Invisible braces - so you can smile throughout your treatment.


Invisible and discreet aligners


Beautiful smile and well-functioning bite


Treatment based on your wishes and needs

Duration of treatment

Between 6 - 24 months


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What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the world’s first transparent aligners for straightening of teeth. The aligners are an innovative and high-tech treatment option that has made orthodontic treatment even more attractive.

With invisible teeth straightening, the teeth are adjusted to the desired position via a comfortable Invisalign aligner in a gentle but effective way.

The transparent and almost invisible aligner from Invisalign is thus in stark contrast to the obvious braces many people associate with orthodontic treatment.

Made from transparent plastic, the aligners are tailored to fit your teeth precisely. The rails must be replaced every 7th to 9th day.

“Professionalism and invisible aligners ensure good and discreet treatment”



A unique process with Invisalign

Just as the rails are designed to fit your unique treatment program, the number of aligners is customized to each individual. Thus, you get the exact number of aligners you need. The number of aligners varies, and you will typically get between 10 and 50 aligners for your treatment.

The aligners are all different and each moves the teeth incrementally. Our skilled orthodontist and specially trained staff at our clinic in Copenhagen keep a close eye on your progress throughout the duration of the treatment. That way, they can quickly adjust your treatment if necessary. At Clearli, you always get a fixed price for your Invisalign treatment before you start.

Your price is based on how your teeth look and the state of your bite. You can read more about our prices here. Our treatment with Invisalign braces has been reviewed at many places.





Why you should choose an
invisible aligner from Invisalign

Invisalign aligners have many advantages. Because the aligner is transparent and virtually invisible, it won’t affect your social life while you undergo orthodontic treatment. As well as being transparent, your aligners aren’t permanently fixed to your teeth. They can easily be taken off when you need to eat.

So there are no restrictions when it comes to food and drink, unlike other orthodontic methods such as metal braces, which can limit you in this area as some food can get stuck in your braces.

You should avoid drinking coffee, for example, with the aligners are inserted, as they may be subject to discoloration.

The aligners take up relatively little space in your mouth and don’t irritate your mucous membranes or tongue in the way that traditional braces do. With Invisalign braces, there are also benefits when it comes to oral hygiene and counteracting the discomfort of crooked teeth. Crooked teeth can be hard to keep clean.

The aligners help counteract discomfort and contribute to good dental health. With the removability of the aligners, you can still brush your teeth as you did before you had the aligners. In addition, crooked teeth can reduce your bite and chewing function and cause daily discomfort. Treatment with Invisalign can help achieve a more optimal bite, correcting these challenges.

At CLEARLI, we work closely with TandreguleringKBH, with whom we share a clinic in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

Together we have many years of experience in orthodontics.