All our patients are unique. That's why we always consider your wishes and needs when we work with you to draw up a plan for your treatment.

We’re here to make sure you get the right treatment so that you can smile with confidence throughout the process. Below you can read some examples of treatments we have helped with:




Aged 48

“When I was young, I had an overbite and had the whole lot – both metal braces and palate braces. So I was done with that and didn’t want to do that again. But it was only at Wang’s that I was offered invisible aligners, as he had the expertise to be able to help me. I feel completely safe with him. I wouldn’t have dared to have my teeth straightened if there wasn’t an orthodontist behind the treatment who knew what was going on. Professional expertise is crucial to me and at CLEARLI, I felt completely safe in the hands of orthodontist Wang.”


Aged 27

”Considering my age, I just didn’t want traditional dental braces. It’s all too visible with that metal on your teeth. And I don’t want to be constantly questioned by everyone about my teeth. So, the fact that you can get your teeth straightened invisibly is fantastic. That’s why I chose the invisible braces/Invisalign, so no one can see I’m undergoing treatment. And they’re easy to take off when I need to eat and drink. It’s just the easiest treatment with a great result.”


Aged 18

“I was really upset about the way my teeth looked – they were very crooked to me. But I didn’t want people to see that I was undergoing treatment. The invisible braces/Invisalign are so smart and a much nicer treatment – almost elegant – no one can see them. So I chose that treatment. It means a lot to me that Wang is a dentist specialist with a focus on orthodontics. I don’t think I would have chosen CLEARLI, if there wasn’t an orthodontist associated with the clinic. It has made me and my parents feel completely safe.”


Aged 51

“I heard about invisible braces at my dentist’s office, and then I was referred to the clinic that they use. I was not convinced about this orthodontic method until I met orthodontist Wang at CLEARLI. Only after the meeting with Wang did I make the decision to have the orthodontic treatment done. I felt that his skills and the treatment process itself seemed safe and professional. The fact that Wang was a trained orthodontist was one of the reasons I chose CLEARLI.”


Aged 37 

“Before, I had trouble smiling because of the huge gaps between my upper and lower teeth. It is now a few months since my treatment with Dr. Wang and his super talented clinic assistant, Christina. Now it’s hard not to smile at people I meet in everyday life. Dental specialist Wang took pride in helping me with my crooked teeth. It’s not just a business for him or the staff. Wang and the whole clinic really wanted to help me get the best possible result. I felt so safe during the whole process.”